Fliptor believes that environmental, social and governance considerations are an integral part of an investment decision-making process aimed at maximizing returns for investors. We are strong believers in the concept of being socially responsible and recognise that as global investors we can be a reputable force for good in these areas. With this in mind, all of Fliptor's investments are constantly subject to sustainability reviews during their due diligence cycle.

Fliptor considers factors such as a portfolio company's governance practices, the quality, sustainability and transparency of the operations of the company, the geographic scope, industry focus, and other impacts of the company's investments in its due diligence reviews. The purpose of the assessments are to determine the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities in the company and to set targets for the firm to report on.

We believe that this is a critically important business imperative and we will continue to assess and develop this as a priority under the leadership of our board members.