Public Markets

In the last few years, companies in the public markets are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities from the new world economies. These are exciting times for the most ambitious and progressive businesses. We believe that firms need to be well-placed to work in active partnership with fast-growing industrial businesses and be looking to innovate consistently.

Fliptor’s objective is to invest in high-quality businesses, to partner with company management and to grow and improve our portfolio companies for the long-term. The companies we support will need to increase their scale, efficiency and profitability by streamlining operations and making strategic acquisitions. We are committed to investing in energy, natural resources, and infrastructure assets on a global basis.


Global energy markets are in transition. Driven by emerging economies such as China and India, energy demand is increasing dramatically. Concurrently, environmental concerns, geopolitical risks, and a depletion of natural resources are driving a long-term shift from traditional oil and gas to alternative energy. The growth & urbanization, particularly in developing markets, are creating unprecedented demand for the development of infrastructure and all forms of energy. Demand is particularly acute because the regions where the energy needs are strongest are often far from where the energy sources reside. Accordingly, there are huge needs for related exploration, development, production, transportation, and distribution of this energy. We believe significant opportunities for investment exist in energy and natural resources and hope to invest in businesses that supply capital to support this growing demand.

Fliptor studies and pursues investment opportunities in energy and natural resource businesses and assets such as oil, natural gas, renewables, conventional power generation, transmission, distribution, gathering & processing and pipelines.

We are looking to be active acquirers of producing properties that are noncore to their current owners where we can in turn bring our extensive operating resources to generate attractive risk- adjusted cash returns for our investors.

We seek public firms that may be divided in the three general categories:

Upstream Assets

Fliptor seeks investment opportunities in the entire upstream oil & gas sub-sector. In the exploration & production segment, we look to back independent players with a balanced portfolio of exploration, development and production assets. In the oilfield service segment, we invest in businesses that are well positioned to take advantage of key industry drivers.

Areas of investment opportunity include oil and gas exploration operations, proven oil and gas reserves and commodity mining reserves and operations.

Midstream Assets

We are looking to invest in midstream companies that have a focus on pipelines, terminal assets, rail and barge assets, fuel gathering, processing and storage.

Downstream Assets

We are seeking downstream companies that have a focus on the refining and marketing of gasoline and fuels, the transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas.


The scale of global infrastructure investment demand is enormous. There is a growing need to replace and expand global infrastructure, including all parts of the global energy supply chain as well as public services such as roads, railways, airports, and communications networks. A reduction in traditional public funding sources and weakened economic conditions has created a need for experienced private capital to meet the massive need for global infrastructure investment.

Fliptor is committed to helping to meet this imbalance by seeking to invest in infrastructure assets on a global basis. Our goal is to achieve returns through the acquisition and operational improvement of infrastructure assets important to the functioning of the economy, while generating current income as well as capital appreciation for our investors.

We focus on investments where we believe risk is minimized in order to deliver attractive risk- adjusted returns, and thus use a risk-based asset selection process to define our infrastructure investments.


Technology is a dynamic, varied and significant industry that is driving many of the changes we see in the world today. It’s distinguished by its rapid pace and the potential for radical new departures. The overall sector continues to mature with certain sub-sectors continuing to demonstrate high growth. It’s one of the few sectors where international borders have limited impact and a company can go from start-up to global giant in less than a decade. Despite the global recession, the sector continues to increase, driven primarily by maturity and scale.

In the technology sector, we seek to invest across several sub-sectors including software, business services, financial technology, clean-tech, communications and components that are in niches of the telecommunications sector.

We actively search for rapidly growing companies with seasoned management, unique products/ services and capital efficient business models. We will opportunistically invest in earlier stage opportunities where we either know the founding team or when market dislocations create outsized risk-adjusted return potential.

Life Sciences

In life sciences, Fliptor seeks to invest in two primary sub-sectors – medical devices and biopharmaceuticals. We are looking for firms that possess unique intellectual property that have the potential to become the standard of care in a large clinical area with unmet needs. The clinical indications on which we focus include cardiology, diabetes, neurology, infectious diseases, respiratory, pain management and immunology.

Most of our life sciences investments will be made in companies pursuing late stage clinical trials that have strong investor syndicates who can fund those trials to completion. Similar to the technology sector, we will opportunistically invest in earlier stage opportunities where we either know the founding team or when market dislocations create outsized risk-adjusted return potential.