Private Markets

Fliptor targets distinctive consumer businesses with strong growth potential and works in partnership to build robust powerful brands. As such, we focus our investing capital in the following key areas:

  • Consumer Goods: Powerful brands capable of globalisation and innovation, commanding and protecting attractive margins.

  • Retail: Retailers with well-developed customer propositions, strong retail brands and well- defined target markets. We support store rollout, international expansion and the development of new channels to market.

  • Food and Drink: Products which meet consumers’ growing demand for convenience and indulgence. Businesses that recognise the increasing importance of health, food provenance and resource sustainability.

  • Leisure: We focus on restaurant and hospitality companies with roll-out potential, niche travel providers and others who can benefit from leisure’s growing share of consumer spend.

We believe the key value drivers to support the acceleration in the growth of the consumer sector companies are: Brand Awareness, International Expansion and Online Commerce. As such, we hope to work with new market leaders who have identified and capitalized on an under-served opportunity based on changing customer demographics, tastes and preferences.

Venture Capital

On the venture and growth equity side, Fliptor seeks to take minority stakes in international companies that have breakout potential and are operated by seasoned executives with deep industry perspective and knowledge of their sector.

Venture capital investments include early-stage venture capital funds, which invest in businesses still in the conceptual stage (start-up or seed), or where products may not be fully developed, and where revenues and/or profits may be several years away; and, later stage venture capital funds which invest in more mature, yet still relatively small, companies in need of growth or expansion capital. Fliptor prefers to commit to venture capital firms that have sustainable competitive advantages with strong relative franchise value.

Distinguishing characteristics of successful venture capitalists include:

  • Differentiated, High-Quality Deal Flow - Access to the most highly intelligent, highly motivated entrepreneurs with the ability to innovate and move quickly to exploit new opportunities and create significant value for investors.

  • Extensive Domain Expertise or Other Uniquely Differentiating Characteristics - A unique skill set (i.e., operating and/or technical experience) or particular industry focus that provides a competitive edge in opportunity assessment and selection and adds value post investment.

  • Proven and Demonstrated Track Record - A proven record of investing that is consistent with the investment strategy, defensible through business cycles and replicable in new ventures.

  • Stable and Complementary Investment Team - A team who shares culture, processes and longevity underlying their history of success investing together.

Real Estate

In real estate, we seek opportunities in property-level equity, debt and special situations transactions and businesses with significant real estate holdings that can benefit from Fliptor’s operational expertise. We also analyze and seek to add operational value to businesses with significant real estate holdings.

We seek to partner with real estate owners, lenders, operators, and developers to provide flexible capital to respond to transaction-specific needs, including the outright purchase or financing of existing assets or companies and the funding of future development or acquisition opportunities. Our capital can be put to work in private and public real estate securities across the capital structure.