Our Approach

By combining seasoned investing expertise with strategic and operational experience, Fliptor seeks to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies while mitigating investment risk to our stakeholders. We collaboratively invest our unique skill sets and experiences in order to help build leading companies of tomorrow and create superior returns for our investing partners.

Fliptor makes growth equity investments in rapidly growing companies with proven business models, records of revenue and earnings growth, and the leadership capable of sustaining that growth. Often, these companies are looking for a partner to help them achieve scale and expand geographically.

Fliptor is in the business of creating solutions that turns opportunity into rewards. In simple terms, we provide financial opportunities and use innovation to conceive and achieve things that did not exist before. Ultimately, Fliptor differentiates itself from other firms by providing more than just financial capital, extensive industry knowledge and contacts. We work closely with management teams to develop tightly focused market strategies, to accelerate revenue growth, and to implement best-of-class operations that lead to exceptional successes.

Fliptor seeks out inefficiencies in markets and sectors. Where others see problems, we see opportunities to make positive change. Once we find these opportunities, we try to proactively create our own investment opportunities around them. Our partner network introduces us to new investment opportunities and often provides us with the ability to deploy capital into the next venture.

To entrepreneurs and family businesses, we are the light of vision that sees beyond limits. To investors and stakeholders, we are the gatekeepers that keep new opportunities on our crosshairs. And to our communities, we are the holders of the conviction that success comes with responsibility to others less fortunate than us.