Investment Philosophy

At Fliptor, we provide more than money. We know that markets may come and go but people stand the test of time. As such we invest in people first, markets and products second. We know growing a company is challenging and believe it’s the competence and character of the people that create success. Hence, we look for talented entrepreneurs and capable management who have drive, integrity, fortitude, versatility, and resourcefulness.

In addition to exceptional management, we look for firms that have a competitive advantage in distinctive market segments. We will consider current market conditions and competitive offerings, and look for products that entice customer and brand loyalty. We seek opportunities in diverse markets including energy, technology, life sciences, real estate, electronics, infrastructure, and retail services.

We actively strive to participate with our portfolio companies, and have the energy, experience, and contacts to help take those companies to the next stage and beyond. Whether as a financial strategist, headhunter, investment banker or corporate therapist, we provide support and confidence to the team. We believe that entrepreneurs are extraordinary individuals possessing exceptional intelligence, energy, vision and drive, and should have proportional stakes in their companies that can generate great wealth for those who make the early sacrifices.

Fliptor bets on the ability of the management to develop their business, adapt to inevitable changes in their plans, and to grow with their companies. We believe that successful management will almost always surround themselves with the best people they can.

Please keep in mind that a referral is the best way to approach Fliptor and, therefore, unsolicited plans may not get a response.