Core Values

Fliptor has a focus on operational value creation, a global network of strong business relationships, and a reputation for integrity and fair dealing.

The bedrock of Fliptor’s culture is a unique spirit of partnership and a shared sense of ownership across all of our current and future businesses.

When we succeed with an investment idea, we are not only helping to bring about progress in the marketplace; we are helping organizations further their missions. In the same way, we have a strong interest in turnaround projects and see parts of our business in that arena too.

We believe the business of investing requires the establishment and nurturing of long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. The entrepreneurs who bring their visions forward to us are literally the lifeblood of our business. As such, we offer them the best of our advice and push hard for our point of view – but we don’t dictate to them. Our core principles create a culture fostering the growth of value-added performance assuring that their companies are both successful and long standing.

We attribute our success, in large part, to our culture and values. We have created a single, integrated culture that rewards investment discipline, creativity, determination, patience and encourages the sharing of information, resources, expertise and best practices across all support networks.

The Core Values of Fliptor

  1. Focus: We strive to achieve excellent results for our stakeholders. To pursue those objectives, we readily synthesize information, clarify objectives, delegate effectively and define the roles and responsibilities. We recognize initiative and provide constructive feedback to our investment firms by searching for and applying innovative effective solutions. As such, we harness the varied array of talents within the firm and our network of partners to deliver the best mix of support to achieve stellar performance.

  2. Liability: Quality in everything we do preempts quantity. We readily accept liability for our actions, inactions and decisions, both individually and as a firm. We also embrace the implied responsibilities of our one-firm approach: the obligation to speak up and say what we think and to respect and listen to those who do the same. We deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders, our partners and to one another.

  3. Integrity: We apply the highest standards of integrity in dealings with all stakeholders. We do not tolerate unethical behavior; we challenge it as a matter of personal responsibility, regardless of our position in the organization. Our reputations, as individuals and as a firm, are of paramount importance. We make fair and transparent decisions and explain them clearly. Our word is our bond — we say what we mean and we do what we say. We truly believe that there are no higher ethical values than truth, honesty and professionalism.

  4. Professionalism: We pursue professionalism in everything we do. We set high standards — each of us as individuals and the firm as whole — and consistently try to exceed them. As such, we use the most appropriate skills and competencies, continually seeking opportunities to improve through innovative approaches. We strive to share our knowledge of best practices with partners and colleagues at all levels to enhance the quality of our services. Adhering to the highest standards of our professions and adopting best practices is an integral aspect of our firm.

  5. Teamwork: Teamwork is at the heart of how we operate. We pride ourselves on our ability to work proactively and collaboratively across sectors and geographies to achieve the best possible results for our stakeholders. Enjoying ourselves and constantly striving to maintain a pleasant working environment are key elements to our success. In keeping with this approach, every person at Fliptor has the ability to own equity and shares in our success. As such, we subscribe to the ethos that we can achieve much more collectively than any of us could individually.

  6. Ownership: Ownership matters when you are building a great company. We are all owners in the business and think of our employment in the company as a two-way street. We strive for diversity, recognizing that people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives make us a stronger and more effective organisation. Individual rewards are tied to the performance of the individual and the success of the firm.

  7. Relationships: People do business with people they respect and trust. As a firm, we are deeply committed to creating and sustaining long-term business partnerships. We aim to maintain life-long business relationships with our investor groups and strive to earn the trust of our entrepreneurs by working hard, being straightforward, and supporting them throughout their careers. We are well aware that it takes years to build a strong partnership, while one can be ruined in just a few minutes. As such, we work hard to understand and align the interests of all stakeholders, and we treat others as we would like to be treated — with fairness, compassion and respect. We are truly long-term in our orientation towards our investments.

These deeply rooted, core values make Fliptor a very special place to work, and drive a culture committed to exceptional performance and results for all stakeholders.